Moving TIPS Checklist

Two Months Before

- If renting, notify your landlord that you will be moving
- Compare movers - cost for packing services, cost for moving materials
(boxes), charges based on distance and weight, insurance, availability
- Select and reserve a major moving company
- If you are planning a self move: reserve a moving truck, reserve a
dolly and moving pads
- Prepare file for all documentation for your house and mortgage
- If you have children, ensure they are registered in their new school
- Shop around and arrange for home owners insurance

6 Weeks Before

- Send change of address cards to your financial institution/memberships/
newspaper/magazine/book clubs
- Record any valuables and insure them if necessary
- Transfer all dental and medical records

4 Weeks Before

- Notify the Canada Post of you change of address
- Contact utility companies for change of service
- Notify Revenue Canada of new address
- Obtain moving supplies
- Confirm details and instruction for the move with moving company

2 Weeks Before

- Arrange for child care or pet on moving day
- Give your moving company a floor plan of your home and instructions for where to leave the boxes
- Label furniture
- Schedule a final walk through with your landlord

1 Week Before

- Take down any electrical fixture you plan to take with you
- Pack a moving day travel bag with essentials such as toothbrushes and toothpaste
- Confirm with lawyer the amount of fees owed and have a bank draft prepared accordingly
- Label items that will not be moved by the mover or in the moving truck
- Make sure your appliances are nice and clean for the new owners to avoid any unnecessary money holdbacks

Moving Day

- Review directions for packing/unpacking with mover
- Save all moving documents and receipts(moving costs may be tax deductible)
- Check all rooms to make sure that you have left nothing behind
- Turn off all water, appliances and electricity
- Complete the walk through with your landlord
- Collect damage deposit if necessary
- Save all documentation of the walkthrough
- Leave forwarding information with your landlord

After Arriving At Your New Home

- Locate hospitals, police station, veterinarian and fire station
- Renew your drivers license, auto registration and insurance